Feb 7

Experience Helps With Computer Crashes

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If you have ever experienced your computer malfunctioning or crashing and you need help then you understand just how confusing and frustrating this experience can be. You maybe sitting there one minute about to download the latest song or send your friend a email when all of a sudden your computer begins functioning weird. Now functions like getting on the internet or opening a word document take more than a minute to execute. This occurs usually because of two different scenarios either your computer has been internally damaged thanks to malware or it has been externally damaged thanks to a electrical surge or a spill.

computer-problemsIn cases of an internal issue such as malware these usually occur when a virus has either been uploaded to the computer from another electronic device or has been downloaded from the internet via a unsecured website. External issues such as dropping the computer tower and spilling a liquid on it can cause just as much damage to hardware of a computer as an internal issue. Regardless of the reason it is important to have some back up solutions just in case you experience a complete loss of power. A flash drive is a great cheap data recovery solution that can help you back up most of your computer’s information. You could literally take all the information off of one computer and place it on another one without risking any infections on the new computer. You might also consider an outside hard drive expert.

What Causes Hard Drive Crashes? Click here to read more.. »

Jan 20

Choosing The Right Blog Name

ctrbnLearning how to start a blog can help with the entire creation process and can help one get more traffic to your website. Nonetheless, one thing that usually attracts people is title, so it must be perfect. The easiest way to create a catchy title is using an automated software product.

The title usually depends on the purpose of a blog. If it should be for a product or personal point of view, one can use his name, and for business purposes, the title should be descriptive. It is important to figure out the domain name that is related to topics of the blog, and that is different from other similar blogs. The good thing is that domain name sellers can tell one if the particular domain name is already taken. Click here to read more.. »

Jan 5

AutoRAID Broke Open RAID Initiatives

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Hewlett Packard’s AutoRAID technology greatly improved the stability and security of early RAID systems – without sacrificing performance, and is the model around which most RAID setups are designed around today. By allowing users to add and replace disks anywhere in the array, it granted the flexibility that previous RAID iterations could not. It was a key step in the mass adoption of RAID technologies throughout the small business arena.

A classic machine: HP AutoRAID

A classic machine: HP AutoRAID

Those who have seen the product feel it is a noteworthy improvement over existing RAID systems. “It’s a very significant announcement for the entire industry,” said Tom Lahive, senior analyst at International Data Corp. (IDC; Framingham, Mass.). “The beauty of it is that most other vendors are just starting to integrate some type of software management. What HP has done is make a controller that has more intelligent features than most others. It really, truly is automatic RAID.”

A key technique of AutoRAID is dynamic data migration, which enables the system to use different RAID levels to provide quicker data accessing or lower-cost storage. Data being actively used is moved to RAID 0 or 1 level, in much the same way that common disk drives move active data to cache memory. Constantly moving data within the array balances overall performance and cost, HP said.

Dynamic algorithims

“With current systems, you have to select two of the three parameters people want with RAID: low cost, high performance and high availability,” said Roger Buckthal, project manager at HP’s Storage Systems Division. “The underlying innovation is a new way of addressing. Our mapping technique maps the host address to the disk address in a dynamic way. The dynamic algorithm is the key for us to change the active data to levels 0 or 1 to provide performance and put less active data in level 5, which is more cost effective.”

Buckthal noted that although HP is providing details about the different RAID levels, users no longer have to master the fine points of which level is best for different requirements because AutoRAID constantly moves data around automatically.

“We’re trying to get away from talking about the levels,” said Joe Molina, chairman of the RAID Advisory Board (St. Peter, Minn.), a trade association. “Users spend a lot of time worrying about those levels when they should really be thinking about performance, price and reliability.”

The HP system also permits on-line expansion. When drives are added, the management software reconfigures the system to take advantage of the additional capacity. Both active data and parity data used for on the new drive. This technique can also be used to replace failed drives.

“Another thing that’s different about this system is that when you add drives, disk capacity is not important,” Buckthal said. “We treat the disks not as complete disk drives but as blocks of storage. All the drives together are like a large pool of storage.”

He noted that this technique also makes it possible to use some of the capacity of a so-called hot spare for active data. Traditionally, a hot spare is kept powered up, holding mainly parity data. When a drive fails, the hot spare is called into play.

The HP technique uses some of the capacity of the drive, but distributes most of the spare capacity across all the disk drives in the array. That capacity is kept empty, so that space will be available when a drive fails. Spreading the data around helps improve performance, Buckthal said.

Treating disks as blocks of data also eliminates the tricky problem of spindle synching, which has been necessary to make sure that data comes off the individual disks at the same time. This is a common RAID issue. It also lets HP intermix drives that have different spin rates, which makes it simpler to upgrade systems as technology advances or budgets are fattened. Drives provide identification information so the controller knows what capacity and performance traits each drive has.

If there is one issue with the AutoRAID format, it’s that the drives do have the tendency to fail.

“The AutoRAID setup is very progressive, and does have some protections against RAID array failure,” says Len Travers, data recovery technician with Irvine, CA’s Hard Drive Recovery Associates. “Recovering these arrays, on the other hand, can be a major chore. The disk setup is far less recoverable than your regular RAID 5 machine.”

AutoRAID is part of a major focus Click here to read more.. »

Dec 31

Talking Brain Injuries Head On

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As survivors of severe brain injuries, even highly educated and successful people have to relearn simple tasks that help them get on with their lives.

The Institute for Cognitive Prosthetics, in Bala Cynwyd, Pa., uses custom computer programs to help head injury patients overcome very specific problems, such as prioritizing items on a list, remembering when to do certain things, and concentrating on the task at hand.

headhurtsWhen Institute Director Elliott Cole saw patients struggling to organize their schedules using notebooks at a brain-injury center a decade ago, he saw the potential for computers and custom software to go way beyond the notebooks. Click here to read more.. »

Dec 28

Stay With People Who Can Protect You

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The ways to a stop panic attack can be tried and tested. But whether they can be of help on how to stop panic attacks altogether there is nothing absolute as it also depends on the person. There are just those types of a person that is clinging to the one who can protect him/her. To stay with people who can protect you can be helpful. Especially, if those people love you and do not want images18anything to come to harm you. This way, you can stop the panic attacks from happening. The question though lies on how to stop panic attacks for good. Well, if you are very confident that you stay with people who can protect you, there could be a chance that you can eliminate those panic attacks. However, the people who can protect you may not always be there for you for some reasons. So, how can you face the problem on your own? This can be asked afterwards. You can research on things that can …

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Dec 27

Moving On From Backup Tape Not Only Necessary, But Critical

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The numbers are dizzying. Ten million customers being serviced by 49,000 employees in 1,400 branch offices in more than 30 countries.

All amassing data faster than dot-coms are crashing on the stock market. This is what Dan Ledgerwood had to contend with.

No one might have been happier than Ledgerwood, senior storage management analyst at the Royal Bank of Canada in Toronto, to have gained an hour when the clocks went back. For more than a year, he has been trying to solve the bank’s host tape issues. And the clock is ticking. Click here to read more.. »

Dec 23

Benefits Of The Snoring Pillow

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bsspA number of people who have used the snoring pillow have noticed some improvements in using the item. One of them is that they were able to be relieved from the problem of snoring. Since it also encourages sideways sleep, it reduces chances of someone choking as they sleep especially when they suffer from colds, flu or coughs. The pillow has been medically proven to promote a healthier night sleep while at the same time creating a relatively alert day as good sleep is known to make people alert and ready to face a day with more vigor.

Using snoring pillows is encouraged by medical people, as they have no negative side effects. It also requires no prescription which is also huge. Unlike medicine which has a prescription to be adhered to fully, the only hustle with the pillow is that its case has to be kept clean and the pillow size has to be maintained. This makes it an ideal option for many, including children. The sturdy yet soft nature of the pillow allows one to experience true, deep, rest, giving one a restive night. Meaning that all the people around you will sleep without the noise, you too will feel no guilt at having to keep people awake with your offensive noise.

Alternatives For The Snoring Pillow

Of course, snoring pillows are easy to use as they offer the right posture to a snorer thereby reducing the noise from throat blockage. At the same time, getting the right snoring mouthpiece such as those reviewed at this site can help stop your snoring immediately. They are perfect for those who prefer to sleep on their side because a pillow doesn’t work on your side. If that is the cause of snoring, Click here to read more.. »

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Dec 15

The Tear Drop

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Why do humans cry? In a sense the answer is easy. We cry because of a child’s accomplishments. Because of a friend’s death. Because of a news story. Because of a piece of music. We cry in joy, grief, anguish, sorrow, frustration. Yet the real question is not why we cry, but rather what purpose our tears serve.

One of the earliest scientific theories concerning the purpose of tears was offered by Charles Darwin, who believed that tears were merely the result of an accidental stimulation of the lacrimal (ortear-producing) glands that took place when the muscles around the eyes contracted during periods of strong emotion. Since then, other theories have been proposed, including the notion that tears are a form of communication (serving to attract attention and elict support) and that tears, which contain anti-bacterial properties and which drain into the nose when they don’t simply evaporate or roll down the cheeks, help protect the upper respiratory tract from infection.

baby cries. Why do we?Yet there are problems with all these theories (if,

Dec 12

The AWARE Technique That Can Fight Against Panic Attacks

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fightingThere are many techniques to stop the panic attacks that are published on different sites on the net. These techniques are helpful enough. One of these is the AWARE technique, one way to help you on how to stop panic attacks. The ‘A’ stands for ‘accept the situation or anxiety’. You do need to fight against it. The ‘W’ stands for ‘watch the situation or anxiety coming’. If you can just imagine that you are someone outside looking in, you can understand that situation better. The second ‘A’ stands for ‘act as normal as you can’. Click here to read more.. »

Dec 11

You’ve Got To Laugh

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You can’t stand it. Your team just lost the chance to get into the playoffs. Your season is over, and the other team is dancing with delight because they move on to the next round. You want to yell, “Hey, you got lucky!”–and then you feel like crying, you’re so upset. Let the tears flow! Haven’t you seen professional athletes cry on the bench over a big loss? It’s one of the healthiest things you could do. A good laugh or a good cry can be as good for you as regular exercise. In fact, they have similar health benefits.

Workout for the Body and the Brain

laughA good belly laugh can put your body through a decent workout-depending on how funny the joke is, of course. Actually, a simple laugh requires coordinating 15 facial muscles alone! That certainly gives new meaning to the term funny face. In addition, blood pressure and heart rate rise during laughter, increasing circulation. This gets more oxygen and nutrients to tissues and moves

Dec 8

Computer Systems Allow A Different View Of Physics

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UCLA’s Computer Promoted Understanding of Physics Concepts (CPUPC) has continued to be a major tool for students looking to understand the basic principles of physics.

The software provides five separate experiments demonstrating the principles presented in the standard curriculum’s lectures and laboratories. Each experiment is further divided into a demonstration mode and a test/report mode. For example, one experiment illustrates mechanics principles using a bouncing ball. In the demonstration mode, students can vary the numerical parameters associated with the ball, such as initial velocity, vertical and horizontal components, or the presence or absence of air, and get a graphical representation of the impact of such variations. In the test mode, students are required to complete specific, assigned experiments and then are graded based on lab reports of their findings. “Here,” says Bercham, “they can’t play with all of the variables. We may change the value of the acceleration constant, for example, and then ask the student to calculate this unknown. Unlike in the demonstration mode, they can’t play with the …

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