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It’s in everybody, really, the potential that enables us to see much more than is simply before our eyes. It’s an extra-vision that most people will not admit to, but is very much an energy that is always active beneath the boundaries of our consciousness. An electric spirituality, perhaps? A portrait of moderation seen from outside the circle? Hard to say. What this has to do with this particular website is everything, however. It is very much in the DNA of this site to wonder aloud and approach everything with a critical eye. Without this level of skepticism, we are all lost in the universe, much like the dinosaurs before us, both those that were reptiles and those homosapien.

There are a number of schools of thought that will claim that the mind is deadlier than the gun. To those people, I would say I don’t want to be on your side during a showdown at the Alamo. To wreak havoc on normalcy is something we all should be striving for. Something very few of us ever truly capture, at least for any reasonable amount of time.

For the heroes of the intellectual world, none of it really has to make any sense. Because it just doesn’t.


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