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How To Conduct Manual RAID Repair

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htcmrrRAID is a term used to refer to a storage technology. The acronym used to stand for Redundant Array of Inexpensive Disks but later, manufacturers started referring to it as Redundant Array of Independent Disks. Whatever term is used, this device ensures that data is not lost by storing it over several disks.

In companies where stored data serves as the backbone of each operation, a malfunctioning RAID can be disastrous. In some instances, manual RAID repair is necessary. This is how manual repair is done. First, see to it that all connections and installations of the disks are done properly. After you have done this and everything is alright, you open your Mac OS X Disc Utility. The malfunctioning array must be highlighted before you select the tab labeled RAID. You would know the problem because it will be displayed. If the RAID repair is needed because of data inconsistency, you will see the word “Failed” next to the degraded disk. A drive that is defective or missing will be indicated by the word “Offline.” If the problem involves inconsistencies, clicking the rebuild button will do the trick. If there is a missing drive, select a replacement to the right window and click the button that says Rebuild. Manual RAID repair can solve the problem instantly or it might take a few days. Be patient and keep monitoring the system until repair is complete. A complete tutorial is here.

Another Way Of Recovering Hard Drive

As mentioned in previous articles, another way to perform RAID 5 recovery when it comes to backing up your files is by uploading your files to online storage applications. Per registration, the site will give you at least 100 GB of free storage. However, you have to patiently wait for your files to be uploaded. Despite the long wait, it is a sure thing that you can never lose your files since it is already uploaded and site being taken down is close to impossible since the site used are paid monthly. If you do not trust RAID 5 recovery, then here is another alternate way how you can get a good amount of storage online for backup.

You can register for multiple accounts. We all know how the site (where you can upload your files) will give you free storage as a bonus for signing up to their website. If you do not want to buy additional space, (they are one-time purchase), then you can register for multiple accounts and you can distribute the files and upload them evenly. This is a better way to back up your file instead of consuming more space in your hard drive without the assurance that they will be backed up.

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